Kit and Modular Home (KIT Granny Flat)

  • Kit and Modular Home installation services with Granny flats
  • Including Consulting, Design, Land purchase, Construction, and Maintenance
  • To Residential, Commercial, and/or Industrial sectors
  • With oversea manufacturing, importing to Australia
  • Remote Accommodation Camps & Mining Camps


Building and Construction Services

  • New Building and Construction Services with new Granny Flat Construction Services
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Services.
  • Project & Construction Management for New Apartments and/or Multi Residential.
  • Engineering, Mining, and Energy Sector Services.


Thermal Imaging Services: Water Leak Detection & Building Inspection

Water & Gas Leak Detection

Building & Facility Inspection with Thermal Imaging Camera

General Thermal Imaging Services

  • PPPI: Property Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Moisture & Damp Inspection
  • Rising Damp Inspection and Treatment
  • Including all required repairing work
  • Our Equipment: Thermal Moisture Meter, Drain Dye Test, Inspection Camera, and Sound Detector


Preventative Maintenance Services

  • Preventative/ Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Services for Real Estate, Strata, Hotels, and Commercial & Industrial
  • Risk-based Building Maintenance
  • Custom and/or Tailor-Made Maintenance Services
  • Preparation for Sale & End of Lease Repair


Pressure, Soft Washing, and Solar Panel Cleaning Services

  • Pressure and Soft Washing Service
  • Bin Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning with Thermal Imaging Inspection


Remedial Works and Structural repairing with monitoring

  • Structural repairing and remedial works.
  • Crack Monitoring
  • Concrete Cancer and/or Concrete efflorescence Treatment
  • Concrete, Rebar Location & Concrete Strength Test: Schmidt Hammer & Concrete Scan Machine


Concrete demolition and Concrete cutting & core drilling

  • Basic concrete scan service
  • Concrete demolition and removal
  • Concrete sawing (Wall and asphalt sawing)
  • Soft cutting
  • Core hole drilling (Up to 600mm diameter)


Termite Inspection and Pest Control Service

  • Termite Detection with Thermal Image Camera
  • General Pest Control Service
  • Annual and/or one-off inspection if required

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